About MeMA-Music

MeMA-Music is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit educational organization established in 2011 by 20+ years music industry executive Jeanne Warsaw on two basic principles: A deep conviction that young people have the potential and vision to change the world; and the exploration of social conscious music can become the vehicle for the self-expression of young people’s values and beliefs.

Our Mission

We empower youth in underserved communities from all backgrounds and abilities to use their unique voices to create messages of change by teaching students to recognize the power of music as a voice for social justice in our world.

Who We Are

We are an educational team who have developed a multidisciplinary arts program using socially conscious music and videos as a framework for teaching and learning about the turbulent times in US history—past and present—encompassing social movements for change. Our culturally responsive curriculum provides students with activities that encourage them to make informed judgments, develop a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility, appreciate different cultures, build empathy for others, foster creativity, and think critically and creatively about what they are learning.


Our program teaches students to examine the fundamental questions of economic and social inequities, moral values, civic rights and duties, and the quest for peace. By doing so, we aim to devlop in students a sense of purpose and to be better prepared for interacting with a diverse world in the future.

Innovative and engaging comprehensive unit plan that explores the issues of social justice and teaches multicultural understanding through
Arts-Integrated learning.


Change a Student’s Life Today

With your generous support, we can offer our program to youth in underrepresented communities at low or no cost.