Our Mission

MeMA-Music empowers young people from underserved communities of all backgrounds and abilities through arts-integrated education that merges music, literacy, and self-discovery for social justice and progress. 







Our Team

We are a group of teaching artists who have developed engaging multidisciplinary programs that integrate art, music, social studies, technology, civics, literacy, and social-emotional learning in the middle and high school grades to examine the use and impact of the arts in creating social change. 


Our Goals

We equip young people with the necessary skills to effectively navigate the complexities of the modern world, address challenges, and influence the direction of their societies. We educate on the impact of history, culture, literacy, civics, and other relevant topics, using art and music as tools for positive change. We strive to advance educational equity in Chicago through partnerships with diverse schools and community organizations.

How We Work

Our programs use socially conscious music from different eras and genres to teach critical thinking skills by analyzing how artists communicate social justice messages in their songs and challenge systemic inequalities to bring about change. Students learn about our nation’s life, struggles, ideas, victories, and history by increasing their knowledge of how people have protested injustice in the past and present by analyzing texts—including music, videos, current events, and other primary and secondary sources—to determine the intended message and meaning and what makes the words/lyrics uniquely powerful. Through MeMA’s program activities, students will acquire essential knowledge and skills that include the ability to think critically, solve problems resourcefully, make informed judgments, build a sense of shared responsibility and teamwork, appreciate different cultures, foster individual creativity, and recognize the importance of civic engagement.


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With your generous support, we can offer our program to youth in underrepresented communities at low or no cost. Your donation is tax-deductible.