Welcome to MeMA-Music

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Arts  Education Organization.

harness the power of arts-integrated learning to…

Engage and Inspire

MeMA-Music’s art residency programs challenge middle and high school students to harness their academic skills, individual interests, personal experiences, and artistic vision to create and share their Message of Change projects with schools and local community youth centers. MeMA’s sessions build students’ understanding of how musicians/artists have crafted messages about injustice and intolerance that encourage speaking one’s truths through music and poetry to communicate and mobilize others to make a difference. Students make authentic, meaningful connections across content areas as they explore and examine social justice issues of today and yesterday through the lens of the big ideas and essential questions while discovering how powerful messages have created change and how they can craft a compelling message using music, words, art, and technology to inspire others.

Authentic Learning

Our programs empower students by connecting academic learning to the real world relevant to students’ lives. They develop the knowledge and skills to be successful, engaged citizens. They can see how what they are learning in class has practical applications in the real world and can help them navigate the mass array of daily media content they are exposed to. To become life-long learners, students must understand how past events and actions continue to impact the present and can help shape their future.  We strongly believe that music offers messages and oral histories of our society and has been used as a communication tool for positive change.

Student Voice

Students are allowed to express themselves and actively participate in their learning through MeMA-Music. Our programs value all students’ diverse perspectives and backgrounds, promoting open and respectful dialogue. The “Messages of Change” project empowers students to create messages that reflect their vision for a better world. Students take ownership of their learning by researching and presenting their findings creatively. MeMA-Music provides a safe and holistic environment for students to develop civic and social awareness.

Arts Integration

MeMA-Music’s programs strategically connect content and develop skills across multiple subject areas, including literacy, social sciences, technology, civics, art, social-emotional learning, and music. Students create their final projects using an array of mediums, including film, visual art, multimedia, creative writing—poetry, rap, spoken word, stories— dramatic skits, and live performances, to convey their ideas and aspirations for a brighter future. Research shows bringing the arts into core curricula raises student achievement and improves student engagement.

Our programs engage students
creatively, socially, and cognitively

Lessons are relevant and responsive to students’ culture, home lives, and identity

Empowers students to be active citizens by engaging in their local communities

Teaches students the power of working together

Prepares students for life and work

Promotes confidence and builds self-esteem

Nurtures students’ creativity and inspires critical thinking

Motivates students to learn about what’s going on in their world

Meet Our Founder-Jeanne Warsaw

Chicago native Jeanne Warsaw’s career experience in the music business provides her with unique insight into the world of popular music and how music can be a voice for change. With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, she has marketed and promoted international multi-million dollar recording artists, which include Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, and many others. Jeanne worked her way up from a buyer at legendary chain Rose Records to Promotion and Marketing Director at Sony Records, where she has stayed dedicated to the music industry, working for RCA/BMG, Elektra/Warner Bros., and Virgin/EMI. During that time, Jeanne actively worked with recording artists to bring their music to the community and into schools to speak with young people about social issues and how music can be a voice for change.

After leaving the music industry, Jeanne has taken on a new mission to educate students from diverse backgrounds. She hopes to teach them how to use the arts to spread positive messages of change and become advocates for themselves and their future.

You Can Change A  Life Today

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