Influence of Pop Culture 

Pop culture is a dynamic force that continually influences music. From music with suggestive lyrics and depicting risky behaviors, pop culture can significantly influence the teenage demographic. In our workshop, we use popular music, focusing on hip-hop music as a starting point to initiate a dialogue between young people and their parents about the messages conveyed in today’s music and how pop culture impacts us by comparing music lyrics’ positive and negative influences on teens. During the workshop, participants will analyze, compare, and contrast the themes and messages in music from the past and today, including early hip-hop music from 50 years ago with positive messages, and discuss how pop culture and societal changes have influenced these messages. Participants are encouraged to share their perspectives on the power of lyrics to shape attitudes and behaviors. At the end of the workshop, students and family members will develop their own personalized lyrics that convey a message to the world and share with each other.

This 90-minute family engagement workshop for youth, parents, and caregivers runs after school for two days.