Who We Are

In 2012, MeMA-Music was established as a 501(c)(3) organization by 20-year music industry executive, Jeanne Warsaw-Gazga, who had a deep conviction that young people have the potential to change the world through the arts. Our team developed a multidisciplinary academic arts program that takes students on a journey through the protest music of the 60s-70s, immersing students in landmark events of the times, including the extraordinary experience of the young people and their pivotal role in changing society.

MeMA-Music is About

Our integrated, standards-based curricula strategically connect content and develop skills across multiple subject areas including ELA, social sciences, media arts, technology, civics, and music. Our lessons and activities build students’ understanding of how artists have crafted messages of social change that encourage speaking one’s truths. 

MeMA-Music Benefits

•Reach students who are not otherwise being reached.
•Customizable standards-based units with student-centered activities, rubrics, and instructional resources.
•Content relevant to today’s controversial world.•Assessment tools to measure student outcomes and program success.
•Culminating social justice-themed projects featuring multimedia, visual art, creative writing—songs,
rap, poetry, skits—and live performances.
•Teaching Artists—at the top of their profession from video production to hip-hop.


We Get Around

MeMA-Music has been partnering with Chicago schools in underserved, low-income neighborhoods for seven years, bringing our unique and creative arts residency programs to approximately 1000 students.