Our mission is to encourage youth from all backgrounds and abilities, to see themselves as potential change-makers, engaged in civic participation with a positive vision of the future. 

MeMA’s aim is to enhance student achievement by developing:

  • Real-Life Skills—critical thinking, problem-solving, social & emotional.
  • Historical Awareness—habits of inquiry, curiosity about history and our global society.
  • Multicultural Awareness—a deeper understanding of their own culture, curiosity, and understanding of other cultures.




MeMA-Music (Motivate and Encourage Music Appreciation) is a 501 c-3 non-profit arts education organization.  MeMA was founded in 2012 by 20-year music industry executive, Jeanne Warsaw-Gazga, on two basic principles: 


  1. A deep conviction that young people have the potential and vision to change the world.
  2. The exploration of socially-conscious music can become the vehicle for self-expression of young people’s values and beliefs.


In part one of our two-phase program, “Voice Your Soul”, students critically evaluate the ways in which artists create social change through their music as an entry point into social justice issues. Legendary songs of the 1960s-1970s, and video clips, are used to teach students how music has been a platform for social commentary and change.

In the second part of the unit, students will apply what they have learned about social justice issues and protests of the past and present and voice their own position on an issue of their choice, support their position with research-based evidence, and present it in a compelling way using media arts, technology, songwriting, and more. 

Our Philosophy

MeMA-Music strongly believes that young people today can be powerful agents of social change. This is why we developed a multidisciplinary arts program using legendary socially conscious music and videos as a framework for teaching and learning about the turbulent times in U.S. history, encompassing revolutionary socio-political movements from the past to present. By focusing on the importance of music as an artistic means of communication, MeMA encourages students to becoming active listeners who pay attention to the vivid cultural and historical insight available through socially conscious music.

MeMA-Music is About

Getting your message out loud and clear. Use what you learn about how others have fought for social justice in the past and present—through action, words, and music—to develop your own creative way to send a message to the world about a social justice issue you care about.

We Get Press

MeMA-Music has been recognized locally by WGN-TV,  WGN-RadioFox TV, DNA-Info, JUF News, WBEZ radio, The Highland Park Landmark and Patch, and BrEpic Communications, for our success in providing schools with authentic, high-quality, creative and engaging arts-integrated programs.