Remember When Music Served As A Rallying Call For Young People Who Led The Fight For Cultural And Political Change?


Teach your students how they can use music, words and media arts as an expression of social change, by critically exploring music with socio-political messages from the past to the present. 


Students today are more connected and informed than any other generation in history. They are exposed to topics such as racism, gender bias, hate crimes, suicide, abuse, police shootings, immigration, fake news, political scandals, and much more. So how are students dealing with this information? This is why we developed a curriculum rooted in learning through real-life experiences, in a safe and holistic environment. Connecting education beyond the classroom, we prepare students for the 21st-century.


MeMA’s pedagogical approach presents questions, in a safe environment, to stimulate students’ dialogue about past and contemporary issues, while respecting their perspectives and values. Students examine the fundamental questions of economic and social inequalities, moral values, civic rights & duties and, the quest for peace. They learn to cultivate skills to speak up and believe what they say matters. In addition, students are encouraged and empowered to draw on their own experiences.


Studying history can provide students with insight into their own culture, and also cultures they may not be familiar with. This increases cross-cultural awareness and understanding. Students study historical figures who provide lessons in; humility, courage, wisdom, perseverance, and constructive protest. They will understand the meaning of civil and human rights and understand how an individual’s thoughts and behaviors can impact society. The knowledge of history helps to enrich understanding of the world around us.