We Are MeMA-Music 

Our Mission: We Inspire youth in marginalized communities from all backgrounds and abilities, to advocate for social justice, with creativity and passion, as part of the long history of young people who have fought for change through the arts.

MeMA-Music teaches youth to recognize the power of music as a voice for social justice in our world, by integrating music and lyrics with social studies through themes looking at liberation struggles, and socio-political movements from the past to the present. Drawing on what they learn about how young people have fought for social justice in the past and present, students create their own Messages of Change using research-based evidence and arts-infused sources. Check out our student project snippets

“Empowering youth to “voice their soul” through the exploration of socially conscious music”

Meet Our Founder

Jeanne Warsaw-Gazga

Chicago native Jeanne Warsaw-Gaga’s career experience in the music business provides her with unique insight into the world of popular music and how music can be a voice for change.  She has spent over 20 years working in the music industry, marketing and promoting major recording artists such as Janet Jackson, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz and hundreds more, including U.K artists. Jeanne‘s music-industry career began with legendary Chicago retail chain Rose Records, for whom she worked as a buyer. She quickly rose to work in Marketing and Radio Promotion for Sony Records and has dedicated herself to the music business ever since. Among her numerous credits, Jeanne served as Promotion & Marketing Director for an extensive array of major record labels, including Sony, RCA, Elektra/Warner Bros., and Virgin/EMI. In addition, she founded her own consulting company, JW Promotions.  Jeanne’s professional network provides a connection to active musicians, and artist professionals in the community. 



Our arts residency programs challenge middle and high school students to harness their academic skills, individual interests, personal experiences, and artistic vision to develop their own creative messages of social change and share with their school community. 



Students discuss and examine economic and social inequalities, moral values, civic rights & duties and, the quest for peace. They are encouraged and empowered to draw on their own experiences. They learn to cultivate skills to speak up and believe what they say matters.


Students study historical figures who provide lessons in; humility, courage, wisdom, perseverance, and constructive protest. They gain insight into their own culture, and also cultures they may not be familiar with, increasing cross-cultural awareness and understanding.