We Are MeMA-Music

MeMA-Music inspires youth to advocate for social justice, with creativity and passion, as part of the long history of people who have fought for change through the arts. We teach youth to recognize the power of music as a voice for social justice in America, and the impact music and the arts have played in efforts to change social and political policy. Drawing on what they learn about how young people have fought for social justice in the past and present, students create their own messages of change.


Our arts residency programs challenge middle and high school students to harness their academic skills, individual interests, personal experiences, and artistic vision to develop their own creative messages of social change and share with their school community. 



Students examine the fundamental questions of economic and social inequalities, moral values, civic rights & duties and, the quest for peace. They are encouraged and empowered to draw on their own experiences. They learn to cultivate skills to speak up and believe what they say matters.


Students study historical figures who provide lessons in; humility, courage, wisdom, perseverance, and constructive protest. They gain insight into their own culture, and also cultures they may not be familiar with, increasing cross-cultural awareness and understanding.