Social Justice Lyric Lab Workshop

Voice Your Soul Lyric Lab 

What do Kendrick Lamar, Bob Dylan, 2Pac, Beyonce’, and John Lennon have in common? Strong messages fighting racism, inequality, and intolerance with their powerful music—challenging the status quo to change the world

Do you have something to say about injustice? Do you write your own lyrics, rap, or poetry? Then Voice Your Soul-Lyric Lab Workshop is for you. In our workshop, you will create a social justice song with like-minded teens who enjoy writing lyrics/rap/poetry and care about injustice. You can opt-in to create something cool inspired by the group song to spread the word about injustice, and post on your favorite social media, and enter a contest to win a $25 gift certificate. One winner per workshop will receive a $25 gift card, and be recognized on social media. (Ages 14-19)

Voice Your Soul!