Program Features

Engaging Program Approach  

Using an arts-infused multimedia approach, students listen to socially-conscious, politically-charged folk, rock, R&B, hip-hop and gospel songs from the 1960’s and 1970’s — universally regarded as music that changed America—and watch related video clips from the era. Included is (age-appropriate) current music & news clips to help students make connections between social justice topics and the world outside the classroom.  Students also view and analyze informational graphs and charts from credible sources on topics such as income inequality, government spending, politics, discrimination, and other social issues.  MeMA’s eight-week unit closes with individual and/or group culminating multimedia social justice projects, created by students and based on personal interests, presented en masse as a showcase in the school auditorium, giving students a chance to feel proud of their accomplishments.

Developing Historical Awareness 

Our curriculum unit “Voice Your Soul” for students in grades 7th and 8th, traces the history of America during the turbulent 1960’s—The Decade That Shaped a Generation—and 1970’s, from a global perspective.  The program explores the many social and political issues of the era and how these challenges still resonate today.  What comes alive through our arts and multimedia approach are the impact of both the anti-war protest movements and the Civil Rights movement, the wide-ranging consequences of the Vietnam War and the response of the American people, the equal rights movement and where it led us as a nation, the Voting Rights Act, considered the most far-reaching piece of civil rights legislation in U.S. history, the Watergate scandal and how it shaped politics then and now, and much more.  Students link what they learn to a variety of subjects such as Civics and Government, Economics, History, Language Arts, Technology, Music, Culture and Global Awareness.

History Comes Alive

Students need creative and real-life lessons to keep them engaged and awake during social studies class. MeMA-Music has successfully accomplished this with our program “Voice Your Soul.” Our culturally responsive teaching approach makes history come alive in the classroom and students love it. The foundation for our approach lies in the theory that using music to teach history and contemporary events is widely effective.   MeMA’s curriculum helps students relate lesson content to their own life experiences.

Program Features April 1, 2017


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