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MeMA-Music is a 501 c-3 non-profit youth arts education organization working to prepare students to navigate our multicultural world and to pursue the future of their choosing.  We provide schools a collaborative global education framework for integrating the Arts, including the National and State Standards—English Language Arts, Social Science, Fine Arts and Technology, with an emphasis in civics learning and social emotional learning, into middle and high school classrooms as part of the regular school day.


MeMA-Music, created for youth from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and abilities, was founded on three basic principles:

  1.  A deep conviction that young people have the potential and vision to change the world.
  2.  The exploration of socially- conscious music can become the vehicle for self-expression of young people’s values and beliefs.
  3.  Education grounded in historical awareness, encourages habits of mind that are necessary for learning how to solve problems, create and innovate, communicate clearly and collaborate with others.

MeMA-Music reaches 300-500 students each year from low-income neighborhoods in Chicago.

MeMA’s program empowers youth by fostering dialogue of what responsibilities we have individually and socially regarding students’ personal growth and education in the 21st-Century. Students learn to cultivate civic skills to speak up and believe what they say matters.  Students learn essential knowledge and skills that include the ability to think critically, solve problems resourcefully, make informed judgments, build a sense of shared responsibility and teamwork, develop empathy skills, appreciate different cultures, and recognize the importance of civic engagement.

MeMA-Music has been recognized locally by WGN-TV, Fox TV, DNA-Info, JUF News and WBEZ radio, for their success in providing schools with unique, creative and engaging programs focusing on real-world issues.

MeMA-Music makes history come alive in the classroom.  Students need creative and real-life lessons to keep them engaged and awake during social studies class. MeMA-Music has successfully accomplished this with our program “Voice Your Soul.” Our culturally responsive teaching approach makes history come alive in the classroom and students love it. The foundation for our approach lies in the theory that using music and videos to teach history and contemporary events is widely effective.  MeMA’s curriculum helps students relate lesson content to their own life experiences.

MeMA-Music’s eight-week unit closes with individual and/or group culminating multimedia social justice projects, created by students and based on their own personal interest. Student projects are presented en masse as a showcase in the school auditorium, giving students a chance to feel proud of their accomplishments.  Students undertake immersive research on a current social issue of their choice, which in the past has included subjects such as bullying, racial and religious discrimination, gun control, animal abuse, feminism, peer pressure, genocide, homelessness, LGBTQ issues, as well as many other topics.

MeMA-Music believes historical awareness can motivate students to think about making moral choices they face in their own lives. By raising young people’s voices, MeMA-Music aims to inspire in youth the message that they can become successful global citizens, with a positive vision of the future.

About Us July 3, 2015


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