How We Work

Collaborate and Implement

MM’s partnership role is to support the teacher’s success in delivering high-quality arts-integrated programs that provide equitable educational opportunities for students. Our program is not meant to replace traditional curricula, but to supplement and enrich classroom lessons and allow students to make meaningful connections between subject areas. 


Our main unit, “Voice Your Soul” is custom-designed to fit each school’s needs and to meet State and Common Core standards. MM works together with teachers to establish clear instructional goals and outcomes. Our residency consist of 25 sessions, plus a culminating event—a showcase of student-created social justice projects. Students work with role models and mentors in the music industry, art, multimedia, and other fields, providing professional guidance as they discover their voice, and ideas.


Our unit includes the following resourcesLesson activities and projects, rubrics, graphic organizers and assessments, videos, mp3 songs, song lyrics, additional primary/secondary sources such as historical speeches, news clips, charts/graphs, social media posts, and current event information, and lavalier mics for projects. All we need is a classroom!